"Small Town" by Tara Jean.

Hey I'm TJ. I specialize in poetry, mental health advocacy and digital art.

I started writing and publishing books in 2017, and write primarily about my experience living with mental health, and the tides that come with it.

I'm a small town gal living in Ottawa. My newest poetry collection, Undertow, is available for purchase now, and keep your eyes peeled as I dive into creating custom art and writing different genres of books.

I appreciate you <3

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How long will it take for you to ship my order?

I ship orders within 7 days from receiving.

* Undertow Paperback will be shipped EST December 2020. My goal is to have them shipped out for Christmas! 

How will I get my E-book?

You'll get a digital download upon checkout, and it will be emailed to you as well.